Beginner’s Guide to Guinea Pig Care

guinea pig care

Guinea pigs make ideal pets. They are easy to deal with, look cute, and can be your best friend. With just a bit of attention and care from their owners, they can live a happy and healthy life. If you want to bring a new friend into your house, Guinea pigs would be perfect for you. However, there are several things that you need to know before getting these cute creatures. They have some special requirements that you must fulfill. So, here is a guide to Guinea Pig care.  

Suitable pets for kids

You must be concerned about their safety if you have kids in your house. Since you want a pet that does not harm your kids, you must consider a Guinea pig. They are ideal for kids and do not cause much trouble. Due to their small size, they are safe and fun to play with. The best thing is that they enjoy having company, and that’s why they are incredibly playful. 

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Getting a cage

This is one of the most important things to consider. The cage will be your guinea pig’s house, so it is essential to get the best one. Guinea pigs are highly active, and they like to roam a lot. For that, they require ample space. So, you need to make sure that the cage is spacious. There are different types of guinea pigs, and they all have different sizes and shapes. Therefore, you need to choose the cage’s size wisely. The ventilation in the cage should be excellent. Why? Well, this is because these animals cannot tolerate suffocation.

The temperature

If you live in a place where the temperature is moderate and not extreme, both in summers and winters, you won’t face much trouble keeping a guinea pig. They are extremely sensitive to temperature and cannot survive in extreme ones. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the temperature of your house. Also, you must choose the area where you will keep your guinea pig’s cage wisely. You cannot keep the cage in a room where sunlight comes directly and heats the place. You need to keep them in a room with a well-balanced or moderate temperature for Guinea Pig care. 

Cleaning the cage for the best Guinea Pig care

This is one of the most vital things that you must know. Cleaning the cage is essential in maintaining your guinea pig’s health. You must deep clean your pet’s cage at least once a week. Make sure to change the bedding once a week thoroughly. The fumes from excess droppings and urine can impact your pet’s health. You can mix water and vinegar with a 50:50 ratio, killing germs and eliminating foul odor from the cage. 

The right diet

You cannot compromise on the diet. You must ensure that your guinea pig offers the best food. The meal should be nutritious and contain all the vital nutrients for your guinea pig. We would recommend you to go online and search for the food options. You can also get in touch with an animal diet expert to help you find the best food options for your guinea pig. It is essential to make sure to choose the diet of your pet wisely. You must know that guinea pigs cannot synthesize Vitamin C on their own, and that’s why they should get it from the food they eat, or their health will deteriorate quickly.

Regular medical checkups

Regular medical health is vital for your pet. Even if your guinea pig is suffering from any health issue, they would not be able to tell you, and that’s why you must get in touch with a reliable and experienced vet. Only a vet can tell you what health issue your guinea pig is facing and how you can control it. If you want to connect with the best veterinarian in Vancouver, we would highly recommend you visit Alta Vista, a leading pet clinic in the area. 


Grooming requirements differ based on the type of guinea pig you own. From taking care of their hygiene to trimming their nails, there are a lot of things that you must take care of, so connecting with a reliable groomer is a wise option. 

There you have it! Now you know all the important things for Guinea Pig care.