7 Tips For Pet Proofing Your Home

pet proofing your home

Dogs bring so much joy and happiness in our lives that we forget about almost every sorrow we have. However, sometimes they can be a bit annoying. Obviously, their cuteness overpowers all the damage they cause around the house. Still, we cannot disagree that they are one of the most mischievous elements you can ever encounter. From chewing on shoes to breaking delicate objects, they create a lot of chaos. But thankfully, there are some ways through which you can do pet proofing for your home. Today, in this post, we will mention some of the top ways you can prevent all the damage done by your pet. So, let’s go!

1. Choose the right fabric


One of the most important things to consider when pet-proofing your home is fabric selection. Pets shed a lot of furs that end up sticking to the fabric. While regular vacuuming is extremely important to maintain good hygiene in your house, you must choose the fabric that does not attract fur. Like velvet, fabrics look stunning, but they do not let go of fur that easily. Vacuuming won’t do any better to these fabrics. On the other hand, stuff like leather would be perfect for those with a furry friend because getting rid of fur from such fabrics is effortless.


2. Prevent sharp edges


Pets, especially dogs, run a lot, creating havoc at home. They will smack anything and everything that comes in their way. However, this isn’t even the primary problem. Pets sometimes end up hurting themselves with sharp edges of furniture. So, if you have a table or anything else in your house that has sharp edges, you either have to get rid of those objects or keep them away from your pet’s reach. It is more like making your home baby-proof. 


3. Safe from electricity


One of the worst things about pets is that they will lick or try to play with anything they see around the house, even a wire or an electric socket. It is vital to ensure that no wire is easily accessible to your dog. You have to tuck the cables in such a way that they stay away from your pet. You can cover cords in wrap cords which ensures further safety. They are readily available on the market and very easy to use. 


4. Close the wardrobe


No pet damage can match the sorrow of holding your pet’s favorite clothes used for entertainment and tearing them into pieces. But is there anything you can do to prevent such damages? Yes, there is something you can do, and it is straightforward. All you have to do is close your wardrobe. Your clothes attract your pets the most, and that’s why you cannot take a chance and just leave your wardrobe all open, especially when your pet is around.


5. No open dustbin


Your dustbin is probably the most unclean thing in your house, so it is important to ensure that your pet stays away from it. Always make sure that your dustbin is closed. It contains everything that can harm your pet. From plastic to rotten food; everything in the dustbin can end up harming your pet. Use a lid to cover the opening so that your pet stays miles away from it. Also, the cap must adequately protect the opening of the dustbin and should not come off quickly because your pet will try to take it off. 


6. Be selective with plants.


Do you know that some plants can be highly poisonous to your pet? You have to choose the plants very carefully. You can check out the internet to find the best options for your pet, or you can also get in touch with a vet who will suggest the safest plant options. However, if you already have some plants in your house that are not safe for your pet, you must keep them away from the reach of your pet. 


7. Chew toy


Chew toys are crucial for your pet. Why? Well, there are many reasons. Chew toys keep your pets busy, and you can focus on other things while your pet will be busy playing with them. Also, when your pet grows teeth, it gets a bit irritated, and a chew toy can help them manage the pain and irritation. However, you must choose the chew toy that is safe for your dog. Do not choose the one with buttons because your pet might swallow them.


8. Get a pet bed


It feels adorable to have your furry friend in your bed. However, it is the most hygienic option, especially if you have kids who often sleep with you in your bed. Therefore, you must get a bed for your pet. They are very readily available and come in a wide range of prices. You can quickly reach them. You have to make your pet used to the bed, so it does not climb up to yours. It is possible that your dog wouldn’t like your choice. So be ready to face rejection by your pet. 


At the end

There you go! These are some of the ways you can make pet proofing your home. It is imperative to ensure that you follow these points mentioned above to live comfortably with your pet without facing any damage. This will not just secure your hygiene but will also make sure that your pet stays healthy. However, even after considering all these tips, if your pet is not doing very well recently, you must get in touch with a reliable and trusted vet. Alta Vista Animal Hospital, the best vet in Vancouver would be perfect for you. The vets are highly knowledgeable and will suggest some excellent dos and don’ts to maintain your pet’s health and hygiene. 


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