Pet Ultrasound

Veterinary Ultrasound For Your Pets.

An ultrasound is a relatively inexpensive technique that beams high frequency sound waves into the body to produce a shaded picture. It has the same principles of the SONAR imaging used on boats. Soft internal structures such as the pelvis, muscles, pregnancies, kidneys, liver, bladder, vessels, and the heart are visualized by measuring different echoes reflected off their surfaces. Ultrasound imaging is especially accurate at constructing images of the interface between solid and fluid filled spaces. A transducer, or probe, is used to project and receive these sound waves and return signals. Gel is used between the probe and the patients’ skin to minimize the distortion as the sound wave passes through. The aim of this imaging technique is to identify abnormalities and pathologies. It is generally described as a “safe test” because it does not use electromagnetic radiation, which can cause chromosome breakage and cancer development.

We utilize services of a local ultrasonographer on an on-call basis in-clinic, and we also refer to board-certified imaging specialists.