Please take a minute to explore the vet services we offer, and read about why they may be important for your pet. Our team of doctors and assistants take a personal approach to animal health and welfare, tailoring each individual treatment course to the specific needs and sensitivities of your pet.

Alta Vista Animal Hospital offers the following vet services:

Physical Exam

Complete Nose To Tail Examination
Animals are experts at hiding their pain. Our nose To tail check-up provides a complete review and analysis of your pet’s health, allowing us to determine if there are any concerns or issues that should be further reviewed.


Keeping Your Pet Safe From Harm
As it is impossible to prevent your pets from being exposed to potentially deadly viruses and bacteria, annual vaccinations protect your pet from serious infection and even fatal diseases, such as Rabies. Vaccines do not only cost considerably less than the treatments available for the diseases, it is your pet’s best chance to lessen the severity and prevent future illness. During their physical exam, our veterinarian will tailor a vaccination program specific to your pet’s needs.

Flea and Tick Control

Don’t Let Your Pet Get The Itch!
Every year when flea season begins, the suffering sets in: the biting, the scratching, the chewing. It’s a painful and irritating routine for you and your pet. Flea control should begin as flea prevention, before flea season even starts. We offer the latest products in flea, tick, and internal parasite prevention and treatment. As each product differs in the spectrum of organisms it treats, our vet is here to work with you to find the product that best suits your cat or dog’s medical needs and lifestyle.

Spay and Neuter Surgery

Safe And Humane
Spaying or neutering your pet is part of responsible pet ownership. Not only does it prevent unwanted puppies and kittens that often end up in shelters, it also prevents many diseases such as mammary tumours and prostate cancer. This is considered a routine surgery and our vet can perform this service for you 7 days a week!

Dental Care

Keep Your Pet’s Smile Bright!
Alta Vista’s dental service includes an oral exam, dental cleaning and polishing, and, if necessary, extractions. The exam helps to screen for early signs of gum disease, and the vet can point out areas that may require special care, just like your own dentist.

Tattoo and Microchip

Identity Is Key!
What would you do if your cat or dog gets lost? Tattooing an easy to read code on the inside of your pet’s ear which is connected to the clinic, and ultimately connected to you, ensures if anyone finds your pet, they can be reunited with you safely and quickly. Microchips, which are the size of a grain of rice and are inserted under your pet’s skin, can be scanned by any vet or shelter and be connected directly to you.

Veterinary Laboratory Services

Getting To The Root of The Problem
Animals are inherently skilled at hiding health problems, and they cannot describe their symptoms even if they wanted to. This leaves vets with an obstacle that human doctors do not have to deal with. This is why laboratory work is so important in veterinary science. It is often the critical variable in diagnosing an illness. Our in-house laboratory services include urinalysis, fecal analysis, blood glucose tests, and ear and skin cytology. We send blood, urine, or tissue samples to an off-site laboratory for routine health/geriatric panels as well as histology and other analyses requiring more comprehensive procedures. The results are usually available within 24 hours.

Senior Exam

Staying Up To Date With Your Pet’s Health
As your pet gets older, it has a tendency to develop health issues, much like we do. Our senior exams help to identify age-associated problems such as behavioural changes, physical changes, and weight and nutrition management. In order to keep your pet healthy for as long as possible, book your senior exam today!

New Pet Exam

Keep Your New Bundle Healthy!
Bringing a new pet home is a wonderful and exciting time. In order to ensure your new pet has a long and healthy life ahead of them, it’s important to make sure they are well looked after from the start. Our New Pet Exams offer you a chance to assess your pet’s current health while you learn about all of the necessary health care your pet will need in the future.

Pet Nutrition

Live Long & Eat Smart!
Your pet needs a healthy and balanced diet to stay in the best shape possible, throughout their lives. Our Pet Nutrition experts will tailor a safe and healthy diet for your furry friend to help them live a long and healthy life. If you think your pet could use some help shedding some weight, give us a call today!

Other Services We Offer In addition to those above, we also provide the following services and procedures: