Sherlock’s Weight loss Journey

Many pets struggle with maintaining a healthy weight!

Alta Vista Animal Hospital’s clinic cat, the Sherlock, knows firsthand the struggles of keeping lean and trim! Being a notorious food and treat stealer, he has now reached a massive 7.7 kg weight. It is for this reason that he (we) have decided to start him on his new journey to reach his goal weight of 5 kg. Since he will be turning 4 years old in a few weeks, he thought this would be the perfect opportunity to escape the category of “overweight clinic cats” and become the fit, the healthy cat we all know he is inside (however deep that may be!)

As the photo reveals, Sherlock (AKA the office butterball) is more than excited to start his new journey! Join us every week as Sherlock recounts his thoughts on achieving his summer body including information about food, treats, exercise, photos, and lots more! He also invites any other pets trying to maintain a healthy weight to join him and send in their progress photos for inspiration!

Well, folks, I put up my best struggle with my new regime

Sadly they have purged the clinic of all my favorite treats and I’ve said goodbye to my 20-hour sleep days. They seem to have figured out my weakness.. food. I’m now up at the crack of dawn (9 am) to do my customary laps of the clinic before breakfast. How embarrassing! I am also on constant – what I would like to call “Food Watch” which means dog, cat, kitten food and staff lunches are off-limits. I have tried pushing my luck and sneaking a bite or two in, but that’s always followed by rigorous cardio which usually entails me running for cover. I’ve weighed my options and decided to stick to my two meals per day of calorie-conscious food. Apparently, my hard work is paying off as my arch enemy (the scale) has decided I now weigh 7.4 kg. They had a big celebration at the clinic while I took the opportunity to grab a catnap. I must admit I do feel more energetic and sometimes even feel up to crazy cat moments where I throw all caution to the wind and try and defy gravity. It only lasts a few minutes but I feel it is progress. I will recollect memories more frequently now that I am I have begun to make progress.