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Keeping your dog's teeth and gums healthy.

Pet Vaccination

Pet health and wellness that's one step ahead.

Spay & Neuter

Keeping your dogs healthy & away from uterine & testicular problems.

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Being the best family pet hospital in Vancouver, hundreds of pet owners trust us to take care of their beloved furry family members. Give us a try and you won’t be disappointed

What We Do For You?

Our Services

Physical Exam

Animals are experts at hiding their pain. Our nose To tail check-up provides a complete

Dental Care

Alta Vista’s dental service includes an oral exam, dental cleaning and polishing

Flea and Tick Control

Every year when flea season begins, the suffering sets in: the biting, the scratching, the chewing

Skin Care

Animals have allergies just like we do, but skin inflammation can be more difficult to detect

Pet Vaccination

Annual vaccination protects your pet from serious infection and even fatal diseases, such as Rabies.

Pet Grooming

We offer a nail trim, ear cleaning, de-matting, or for cats with many tangles

Other Services We Offe In addition to those above, we also provide the following services and procedures:

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Alta Vista Animal Hospital was founded in 1998 and since that time our family pet hospital has been proudly serving Vancouver, BC by providing standard and vet services.

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