Can Dogs Get Sick from Humans? Understanding the Risks

can dogs get sick from humans

As a dog owner, you want to do everything you can to keep your furry friend healthy and happy. However, you may be wondering if your own health could potentially impact your dog’s well-being. In this blog, we’ll explore whether dogs can get sick from humans and provide tips for preventing the spread of illnesses.


Can Dogs Get Sick from Humans?


While dogs and humans can’t share all the same illnesses, there are several diseases that can be transmitted from humans to dogs. For example, both dogs and humans can catch the flu, although the strain of flu that affects dogs is different from the one that affects humans. COVID-19 is another virus that can potentially spread from humans to dogs, although it’s rare.


Specific Illnesses That Can Affect Dogs


There are several illnesses that can be transmitted from humans to dogs, such as:


1. The Flu: Symptoms in dogs can include coughing, sneezing, and lethargy. Treatment typically involves supportive care, such as rest and fluids.


2. COVID-19: In dogs, COVID-19 symptoms can include respiratory issues, fever, and coughing. If you suspect your dog has been exposed to COVID-19, contact your veterinarian for guidance.


3. MRSA: This bacterial infection can be transmitted from humans to dogs, causing symptoms such as skin infections and abscesses. Treatment typically involves antibiotics.


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Preventing the Spread of Illness


To minimize the risk of spreading illnesses to your dog, there are several steps you can take.


1. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, especially before and after handling your dog.


2. Avoid close contact with your dog if you’re feeling ill.


3. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces in your home.


If you suspect your dog has been exposed to an illness, it’s important to seek veterinary care from a pet clinic as soon as possible. Alta Vista Animal Hospital in Vancouver offers comprehensive veterinary services, including emergency care, to keep your pet healthy and happy. Their team of experienced veterinarians and support staff is dedicated to providing high-quality care and personalized attention to each pet and their family.




While it’s possible for dogs to get sick from humans, the risk can be minimized with proper hygiene practices and awareness of potential symptoms. By working together with your veterinarian, you can help keep both humans and pets healthy and safe.