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Should You Adopt or Buy a Pet?

Written By on June 29, 2015



“I have seen a lot in my day. For quite some time now I have inspected the many rescue kittens that have come into my office from my secret hiding spot. I wish I could keep all of my kitten friends, but seeing how happy the kittens make you humans, I have decided to be gracious and let them get adopted.” -Sherlock

Sansa - one of the rescue kittens that was adopted from Alta Vista Animal Hospital

Sansa – one of the rescue kittens that was adopted from Alta Vista Animal Hospital.

Have you decided on welcoming a pet into your home? Great news!

Let I (Sherlock) enlighten you with my wisdom…

Essentially, you should know:

-what you are looking for
-your budget
-what type of pet you desire
-whether you want a mixed or purebred

Staying informed is important, whether you adopt or buy a pet. Most individuals don’t realize the benefits and impact adopting versus buying provides. Both routes are definitely rewarding! In case you have been debating which route to go by, here are a couple of things to consider! Check it out!

1. When you walk by some pet stores you only catch a glimpse of the reality behind the accommodation the pets are in. Make sure you research the pet store first to ensure their practices are something you are willing to support. Buying from bad pet stores supports: cramped spaces and cages, poor ventilation, and poor hygienic maintenance. It’s important to find stores that treat their animals well!



2. When you buy or adopt a pet you should receive background information about the pet’s history. Well certified breeders may provide a pedigree history. 



3. When you adopt you don’t support puppy mills… let’s not even go into the details of that.



4. Love can’t be bought, especially not with those crazy prices! Who has $500-1,000 to spend? Some stores and sellers may cheat you with ridiculous prices. However, if you are interested in purebreds it’s a whole different story. Prices vary greatly depending on what you are looking for, what type of breed, and so on. 



5. Here is a bonus of doing your research: pets that are placed for adoption, sold by reputable stores or certified breeders are usually: vaccinated, dewormed, deflead, neutered, have identification tattoos, etc. It is important to know the credibility of your sellers.



6. When adopting, you have the control and power to choose the pet that suits your personality. However, for the price it’s worth you could find your perfect match through certified breeders as well.



7. What about local sellers? It’s not a secret that people go on Craigslist or Kijiji to search for pets.


“What could possibly be wrong with this route?” you may ask.

Well here’s something to think about… There are plenty of certified breeders who are reputable and reliable if you are looking for a particular breed or type of pet. Just be sure that the seller has the pet you want and be aware that you may pay a high price for this. There is also a chance that this price may exclude vaccinations, neutering, etc. which is an additional cost. Also be aware of the vast number of con-artists lurking around who will make you fall for anything to get your money. Only you can decide if it’s worth the risk.

But don’t forget how important and gratifying the next two points are…


8. Adoption saves lives and gives pets a second chance! This has such an impact!



8. The feeling you get from adopting is unforgettable, and so is the gratitude you will receive from your pet! There are hundreds of pets without a home in need of your love and care. Let’s spread some love and reduce those numbers.



What you do is a matter of your preference and desire, and Alta Vista will be here every step of the way to give you any information and care along your journey!

Whichever route you take to acquire a pet, it is undeniable that you will gain a life-long companion! May the odds be ever in your favour!



Love, Sherlock


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