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Here’s what some of our wonderful pet owners had to say about Alta Vista Animal Hospital…

Tina and "Mikke"

I was introduced to Alta Vista Animal Hospital by a long time friend. I was very pleased Dr. Munjal pays attention to the little details. The front staff are courteous and professional when helping the doctor.

When I first moved from Vancouver to Burnaby, an unpleasant encounter with a local vet prompted me to switch clinics. I had to rush my cat, Mikke, to a local vet because I clipped the top of her tail by accident when closing a door.

The wound was bleeding and Mikke refused to let me take a look. The local vet insisted that Mikke needed surgery right away to amputate the tail or the infection would spread and she would die. I panicked and almost agreed to a $2000 procedure, but my husband insisted on getting a second opinion. When we said that we would think about the surgery, the local vet just gave us antibiotics and didn’t even bother cleaning up the wound.

I called Alta Vista and Dr. Munjal told me to keep an eye on Mikke, monitor her energy level, and continue her antibiotics until finished. He said that a small wound like that will usually heal on its own and there would be no need for a major surgery.

On a later date, I took Mikke to Alta Vista because she was peeing around the apartment and I was afraid that it might be a bladder infection. Dr. Munjal asked many questions to rule out the environmental factor before sticking in a needle to draw samples.

It is very comforting to know that he didn’t perform the procedure on Mikke unless it’s necessary. He also said that before the test result came back suggesting infection, there was no need for antibiotics. During the examination, he checked, cleaned, and bandaged the still-healing-wound from the door accident without my having to ask him.

I highly recommend Alta Vista Animal Hospital to pet owners because Dr. Munjal is caring and does not charge/persuade for unnecessary things.

Tina and "Mikke"

Emily & "Dai Dai"

Being both an employee and client of Alta Vista Animal Hospital I have come to enjoy the time spent here and trust the doctors. It surprises me how much Dai Dai loves coming to the clinic.

When he walks down Dunbar and passes the clinic, he always sits at the clinic’s front door, waiting to be let in. As a paranoid owner, I always choose my veterinarians carefully and I have come to trust Dr. Munjal and Dr. Aulakh with my dog. They are always very thorough upon examination and genuine when explaining the prescribed medications and procedures. I feel more protected knowing that the doctors can be reached 24 hours a day; which is another reason for staying with Alta Vista Animal Hospital.

Emily & "Dai Dai"

Jennifer and "Ollie"

The doctor treated my dog for chocolate toxicity. I was so scared, and I felt personally responsible for my dog being in such a state. His heart was racing and I thought it was over for him!

The doctor assured me that I had done the right thing by bringing him in, and I instantly felt that he was in good hands.

Ollie turned out to be just fine, thankfully, and my house is now a chocolate-free zone!

Jennifer and "Ollie"

We value our clients’ experience at Alta Vista Animal Hospital. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to share your experience with the world!